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Dugouts      36 x 32 ½ x 38 inches
Mixed media sculpture: wood, wire, foam and glue. Primarily constructed from natural materials gathered during the residency at Nanton, Alberta: Cow parsnip, Wormwood, ground up Timothy grass seed, Moss, Willow branches, Cedar roots, ground up Wolf Willow, Anemone seeds, Sage, Spanish moss, and earth.
I was really inspired by our ranch hosts, Gene and Kelly Hall who have developed with such ingenuity a sustainable method of delivering crystal clear water to their cows and returning the same quality of water to streams that feed the river system. In my piece, Dugouts, I wanted to create an imaginary section of the Porcupine Hills based on my first hand experience driving and walking over these lands. I collected many varieties of plant and earth material during the residency that I have been able to utilize in making this miniature topography.

Wall mounted photograph is by John Freeman:
Split Hill
, 2013 and directly relates to Dugouts.

John Freeman and Lyndal Osborne
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